About Us

The CRD Group is made up of a team of companies working in close synergy to guarantee to customers the maximum results and give integrated responses to the need of an always more evolved and demanding market. 

The CRD Group, leader in iron, steel, inox and aluminum sheet processing, as well as in galvanized sheet processing, is specialized in the production of commercial furniture and steel and inox furnishing accessories for the large-scale retail trade and for international furniture companies working with shop, store and shopping centers equipment.

Thanks to the brand new Only Design line, the Group has strengthened its position in a more exclusive and sophisticated market addressed to hotels, restaurants, boutiques and private households. Surfing the website you will find the CRD Event line, devoted to the care and creation of structures and decorations for big events like sport, musical, cultural and commercial happenings. 

CRD gives effective responses to whatever need of the market starting from conception of the project, carried out by highly qualified professionals with excellent carpentry skills and competences, like mechanical engineers and professional designers, combined with the implementation of state-of-the-art equipment and a very big attention to each project. 

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