Only Design


Only Design is the branch of the CRD Group designed to meet the increasing needs of an always more demanding market, going from design to customization of the product. It works to develop steel and inox furniture and accessories. Many years of cooperation have made up a professional team of architects, engineers, designers, production partners, technicians and installers.

On the international scene, Only Design stands as an exclusive partner for private houses, villas, boutiques, restaurants and hotels. A long-lasting collaboration with the major international leaders in design industry has given uniqueness and exclusivity to our projects. Every detail, every color shade is extremely cared in the developing and design phase. Every single piece of external and internal furniture, every lighting body or accessory: everything is thought to meet he highest expectations in terms of comfort and design by creating balance of style and sophisticated atmospheres, fostering new and innovative materials, developing distinctive and unique details.

Only Design is the new luxury branch of the CRD Group, whose evolution path and targeted strategies are always more effective in coping with sophisticated and receptive markets like the Arabian countries, Russia, France and the Principality of Monaco, as well as with a new generation of Italian clients.

Only Design suggests a new way in creating furniture and accessories of excellent workmanship, capable to highlight the values of the Italian design from the idea, through the prototype, till the finished product.

On an international level, Only Design is the exclusive partner for private homes, villas, boutiques, restaurants and hotels.

The historic collaborations with precious personalities from the world of design bring a unique and exclusive touch to every single design, every detail and every nuance are taken into great consideration in the development of the creation of every single piece of outdoor and indoor furniture, lighting fixture, complement of furniture; all to satisfy the highest expectations of comfort and design by creating a balance of style, refined atmospheres, research into innovative materials and unique details.

Only Design is the new luxury sector of the CRD Group, which continues the path of stylistic evolution with targeted commercial strategies aimed at more sophisticated and receptive markets such as Arab countries, Russia, France and the principality of monaco, as well as a new generation of customers in Italy.

Only design proposes a new path in the creation of furniture and furnishing accessories of excellent workmanship which in every single phase, from the idea to the prototype, up to the final realization, enhances the values of made in Italy design.